Community Affiliations

  • Jacquie
    A Chance at a New Life

    “I work my recovery every day.”

  • Salinas Family
    Praying for a Home

    “We have not given up hope.”

  • Katie
    Getting on the Right Track

    “"It is much easier now that I am sober."”

  • Kyle
    Getting to the Root of the Problem

    “Kyle is an inspiration to others in treatment ”

  • Carolyn
    No Longer Homeless

    ““Homelessness is temporary. With prayer, guidance, and perseverance, we can make it.””

Community Affiliations

We help build healthy communities by being a part of the neighborhoods we serve and we partner with other organizations to increase our capacity to comprehensively meet health needs.The strong connections we make help us in our compelling purpose of inspiring change for life.

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Supporting Associations